Monday, March 23, 2015

Enhancing the Patient Experience with Laser Dentistry

The word lasers alone conjures up images of precision, speed, and accuracy. When applied to contemporary dentistry procedures, lasers can truly benefit the patient in terms of safety, health, and comfort. This reliable, multi-faceted technology can tackle any number of dental issues – tooth decay, gum disease, biopsies, lesion removals and even teeth whitening. And, it decreases the need for patients to endure the dental drill, which is great news for kids and adults, alike.

Laser-assisted dentistry also offers other advantages:

  • Procedures may not require stitches.
  • Aids in clotting and minimizes bleeding  
  • Lasers sterilizes infected soft tissue
  • May not require anesthesia
  • Precision minimizes damage to neighboring soft tissue.

A dental laser heats, cuts, and vaporizes, making it a safe and useful tool for multiple applications.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease: Through laser-assisted periodontal treatments, decaying, infected material can be cut and removed, minimizing the need for anesthesia and the drill. This technique can reduce a lot of discomfort and anxiety for all patients.

Root Canal Treatment: Lasers reshape gums, and remove bacteria in root canal therapies. The treatment provides a thorough and effective cleaning.

Laser-Assisted Tooth Extraction: The laser is used to cut away the bone around the affected tooth, allowing for a gentler extraction, which proves less stressful for the patient.

Biopsy: Laser-assisted biopsies involve removing a minute sample of tissue in order for a lab to examine for cancer; they can also remove lesions and help cauterize canker sores.

Teeth Whitening: The heat of a laser can be used to activate the active ingredients of a peroxide-based teeth whitening solution, which speeds up the bleaching process.

Efficiency and Precision

Laser-assisted dentistry reaps the rewards of decades of dedicated research – its flexibility, accuracy, and reliability make it an ideal solution for so many dental issues. For instance, specific laser technology, such as the built-in scanner-ready technology of the Fotana LightWalker Laser, can now be applied to dental fields such as dental implantology. The same laser is capable of procedures involving both hard and soft tissue, making it good for periodontic surgery, and endodontics.

If you are interested in laser dentistry for your next dental appointment, be sure to ask our Clearwater, FL dental office about the advantages of laser-assisted dentistry.

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